NYC: the city of dreams.


NEW YORK CITY. The name alone brings to mind images of the statue of liberty, David Letterman, Central Park, “sleepless in seatle” and the unfortunate events of 9/11. Well, those are some of the things that spring to my mind when I think of one of the busiest cities in the world.

Credits: litleandi

It had always been a dream to visit New York City. All I percieved NYC to be was what I had seen, read and heard on TV, newspapers, magazines and on the movies. So, at the beginning of May 2012, I made my way to the city which I thought I knew well. But how wrong I was…

Credits: litleandi

I mean, yes, the statue of liberty, times square and so on, look pretty much like they do on TV, in the movies and in the magazines. But I fell for the other side of NYC.

Credits: litleandi

The people of New York. It’s so hard to explain. There was just a feeling of community in the air. Like a friend I hadn’t seen for a while. It’s almost as if I was in a small town in rural China. It’s one of those places that you visit, and you just feel at home.

Credits: litleandi

There are a lot of places I have had the pleasure of visiting in my life. Places I have loved. But the New York I visited not too long ago, is already enticing me back to explore and discover some more. But until that time, at least I have some fond memories and photos of a city which I will never forget and dream of until I get the chance to visit once more.

Credits: litleandi

written by litleandi on 2012-06-12


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    great photos my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

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    awesome shots !

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    Nice shots! I want to go back! X

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    Thank you so much for reading my new blog entry. Appreciate it so much. =)

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    Big City

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    making me wanna visit now... never been to that side of the world yet even...

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    A wonderful description of the city - makes me want to visit as soon as I am able to! :)

  10. ropi
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    when you are a photographer, you always look things in different ways. We don't get enough with the usual things (just Like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, etc), we want more and more. We look for details. Our eyes are trained to look for those little things that other people just don't see.... Nice trip you've made and great pictures!