Analogue Pirouette

I remember getting my Spinner 360 and not wanting to take it out of the box because it looked way too cool for me. In the end (after about five minutes), I did take it out of the box and loaded my first role of film.. And a second role.. I tried to look for different situations to photograph, as well as different ways to spin. Some examples that worked out:


Now what I noticed when looking at the results is: light and the spinner have a difficult relationship..
Look at this shot at the market (dark in the area where we were standing, light in the stand itself):

I tried to get my scanner to give it more of a result, but that made matters worse:
Credits: lilo

On the subject of aim (which is not my strong point anyhow, but more on that in a different blog):
1. Being used to a ‘normal’ point and shoot camera or a SLR means I point at what I want to be in the picture..
For the Spinner I have learned that this is not so handy! You end up with the object at the edge of your photo.. Which can be nice:
Or just plain, stupid:

Credits: lilo

My main problem though: LIGHT!
Inside, cloudy or later in the afternoon/evening? PROBLEM:
The photos get really dark and grainy… I was using a Fujifilm color ISO 400.. I will experiment with different ISO film, maybe Lomography ISO 800. What do you think? Do you have that with your Spinner?

Overall I do love the Spinner pics.. But there is still a lot to learn..

PS: Remember to shoot all the way to the end of your film, sometimes that little half spin that the Spinner will do at the end is definetely worth the frustation of your full photo idea not working out!

Credits: lilo

written by lilo on 2011-09-29