Sprocket (Rocket) Adventures

So in the beginning of August I got my Sprocket Rocket. I was mega excited about it, and loaded it with film (Kodak Ultramax 400). My first shot had me confused because where should I proceed, how far should I turn, what would the photos do stitched together.. So my first photo is overexposed, out of focus and attached to the second one..

The overall effect is pretty cool (unintended..). What I noticed is that the Sprocket photos are the nicest with quite a lot of light. Because then they turn out like this:
What I hadn’t expected, though it makes sense now, is the slight distortion in the photo. It looks a little more rounded than a “normal” would look. Look at the side of the canal, a slight curve right?
The situations that had less light (darker days, inside or in the shade), the photo comes to life less.. The colours are less vibrant. I might also need to play around with the type of film to see what the effect would be. For example a shot in the shade of a building with a reflection turned out less vibrant than I would have expected.
And a shot from the hip during a walk turned out kinda sickly green (it was a very cast over day)
What did work out awesomely, was a double I did of the Westerkerk here in Amsterdam. The image is surreal and very vibrant. Love the effect of the sprockets and the wideness of the shot. It has definitely motivated me to do more doubles with my Rocket..
Credits: lilo

And then you have a full role of film! You get it developed, and for the first time (at least for me) you cut it yourself. Proud as a duck, you head home.. And then.. Your scanner can only do single frames.. Sigh.. So luckily, I knew someone who had a scanner that would be able to handle it (a Canon CanoScan 9000F)! So I sat down on a Saturday morning to scan my photos. Only to discover this was the result:

Or I could make the colour right by losing the sprockets

Like these:

After stumbornly trying for another hour to solve it myself, which lead me nowhere, so I admitted defeat and consulted the lomography website. This lead me to this article: http://www.lomography.com/magazine/tipster/2010/08/21/how-to-scan-sprockets-with-different-scanners which was quite clear. But it was this video that saved my sanity that morning: http://vimeo.com/6861578

And that worked like a charm! I am looking forward to more sprocketing (also with other cameras though I have to say I really like the Rocket too).

written by lilo on 2011-09-06