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Staring up at the sky..

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It was 1989, the year the Berlin Wall fell and the year I got my first camera.
I was four, and the camera I got was a single use point and click camera. I was in love.
We were going to make a flight above our house, but my role was full within twenty minutes from take off. The window, chair, wings all got some attention from me, but it was the sky and the clouds that filled most of my role. It was then that my love for photographing the sky began.

Credits: lilo

I recently read in the paper about this experience where they removed the skies from some of the more famous Dutch landscape paintings. They lost their charm. I have loved the sky in general for a long time, but that first love for the Dutch sky has not passed in 22 years.

Credits: lilo

And to this day, I love looking up and being surprised by the sky. So my advice: look up and be surprised and point and shoot :)

Credits: lilo

written by lilo on 2011-09-05