Fishy round world


The Fisheye 2 and I have been becoming close friends. I just developed my second role of film from it, an expired Agfa Color 200 (expiration date 06/2006). And the fisheye proved true, some of the shots are fantastic!

Credits: lilo

The effects of the expired film seem pretty limited, some cratches but that seems about it.. I have some old film from 1996 lying around and I am hopig for more of an effect for those!

Now the mistakes I made in this role:
1. EPIC mistake.. I left the lens cap on.. It took me a while to figure out what I was seeing but it’s the ‘lomography’ on the lens cap!

Credits: lilo

2. Also on the epic scale but not as epic.. I left the flash on for a night, so the battery died.. So when I shot my next frame, it turned out a little like this..

Note to self: Flash is necessary! The first photo is supposed to be me, the wifey and my cousin, but without flash that became a window in the back. And the second one was my uncle’s collection of mini cars in the window.. The window turned out pretty, the cars can’t be seen.

3. Lomo Street View – there are streets that translate really well and some that do not translate into nothing at all. The thing that did not work for me was the trying to capture a whole street:

What did work, was the facedes of building, with and without some street (one and two respectively)
Credits: lilo

4. Fisheye potraits are the best!

Credits: lilo

So on to the next role of film! (And the next battery!)

Credits: lilo

written by lilo on 2011-09-01


  1. mochabear
    mochabear ·

    Looking into getting the fisheye, some pretty sweet shots, even the ones that are a little dark!

  2. lilo
    lilo ·

    I would say: get it!! It is an awesome camera, which is a joy to take with you! (Just always remember to turn the flash off, getting batteries all the time is driving me up a wall, :))