Fujifilm help needed

So, once upon a time, not so long ago, I got for my birthday: a Fujifilm Instax 210 and film.
Like in the fairy tales it was love at first sight. She was gorgeous and took fantastic photos. We had to get to know each other a bit (My first few shots are not entirely in focus).

But we were getting there.. The love was born. So of course, when I went to the airport to say goodbye to a friend leaving for nearly a year, I took her with me. The Instax210 and I traveled to the airport and there took a photo of my friend, her mom and her best friend to give to her so she wouldn’t forget us.

I had hung her around my neck in the expectation to have to take another photo. And that was when disaster struck! She came crashing from the cord (one still attached to her) and went speeding to the floor. She smashed her flash on impact, her lens coming off center and the shutters of the lens stayed open.

I cried.. We went home and I tried everything to make her work. She had one more photo to make..

Credits: lilo

But then it was over.. An E appeared and she wouldn’t do it anymore.
Since then I have called my local Fuji office, who didn’t know what to do since it was an analogue camera. They patched me through with a guy who knew about film (and this makes sense how?) who told me to send it to Germany because he had heard that they sometimes will look at it there.. I have used Twitter, Facebook and email to try to come into contact with Fujifilm the Netherlands, the headquarters of Fujifilm, Fujifilm UK and Fujifilm Belgium, but no one has an answer for me. The camera came from an awesome store in the States (www.photojojo.com), but unfortunately they don’t handle the warranty requests..

Does anyone know how to get an analogue camera fixed or replaced by Fujifilm??
Any help would be very much appreciated!
The camera is a week and a day old (23/08/2011) and now I can’t use it anymore

written by lilo on 2011-08-30