• My LC-A+ Russian Lens is Very Unique!

    written by lilithmoon on 2013-03-27 #gear
    My LC-A+ Russian Lens is Very Unique!

    Something odd is going on with my LC-A+ RL. In the short time I have been using it, it has proven to possess a very unique signature. Do you want to know what it is? Read on!

  • Me and My Belair: A Love Story

    written by lilithmoon on 2013-03-07 #gear
    Me and My Belair: A Love Story

    Like so many love stories, sometimes beginnings are a little wild. This is what happened to me last year with my LC-A+, and my first attempts with the Belair hadn't been much better. But this love story, it seems is going to have a happy ending!

  • My LC-A, Rusted?!

    written by lilithmoon on 2013-01-14 #gear #tutorials
    My LC-A, Rusted?!

    One of my favorite summer cameras is the LCA+, and if you also say Krab and beach in the same sentence, it's better! But sometimes accidents happen, and after spending a few days of very funny beach sessions, you realize that the LC-A is getting rusted… What to do?! Should we scream?! Cry?! No! It's time to get handy and control the situation. ;)

  • LC-A: Your Perfect Partner with Low Light

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-12-20 #gear
    LC-A: Your Perfect Partner with Low Light

    In the last Lomo-meeting in Barcelona i decided to take my LCA+RL. It was a little bit gray day, and i don't know what light conditions that i will find... It was a really good choice, you know why?

  • Enjoying the Autumn Forests

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-10-31
    Enjoying the Autumn Forests

    Autumn is the perfect season to walk through the nearest forests in our cities and discover their gorgeous spots, and give free rein to our analogue passion!

  • My Sunrise and Sunsets

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-10-29 #places
    My Sunrise and Sunsets

    I love the sunrise, I think it's my favorite way to finish all these reels wherein you have a couple of photos and don't know what to do with it. After a review of all my photos, I realized that there are a lot of dawn photos.

  • Scanning 110 Film

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-09-12 #gear #tutorials
    Scanning 110 Film

    Scanning 110 film is so difficult. There's no scanning mask, so it's all an adventure to do it correctly. Today I'm gonna explain to you how to scan this film with the digitaliza masks.

  • Taking Pictures of Fireworks

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-09-04 #gear #tutorials
    Taking Pictures of Fireworks

    A thing almost everyone enjoys are fireworks, and as good Lomographers we try to be, we want to photograph it. The last verbena de Sant Pere and Sant Pau, I tested my LC-A, and it passed the fireworks exam with good qualifications!

  • The Tricks of ActionSampler

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-04-24 #gear #tutorials
    The Tricks of ActionSampler

    The ActionSampler is one of the funniest lomo cameras that I have. I have a great time taking pictures of my family and friends, and I always get lots of laughs and people being so interested about this little unusual girl.

  • Mixing Words With Reality

    written by lilithmoon on 2012-01-06 #gear #tutorials
    Mixing Words With Reality

    Some time ago, I read an article of cohetesnaranjas about a failed experiment of mixing words with landscape. I thought it was a wonderful idea so I kept it in my mind so that I could try it someday, maybe with something more.