The House of Culture

avant-garde [noun]: any creative group active in the innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in a given field (especially in the arts).

A few years back, they built this gigantic house in my city and named it "Kulturens hus" - The House of Culture. It houses two scenes (for plays, operas, concerts), an art hall, a huge library and different spaces for various other use. They also have two huge poster spaces, filled with every cultural event happening in the house and the city. So I thought, where better to take this poster? But of course, if I was going to put it on the board, I had to make it look like something artsy! So I pulled out my wicked artist skills, got to drawing(see the film-roll? Completely hand-made, sprockets and all), but felt it was still missing something... So I put the fringes on. Each fringe has the address to the site, handwritten of course. I then drew hearts all over, and wrote THE FUTURE IS ANALOGUE on the right hand side. I'm gonna check in on it in a few days and see if it's missing any fringes. :) I hope! I'm very proud of it because I usually can't draw for the life of me. :D

OH! And as I was going to make the fringes, I realized we have no clean white paper sheets at home (ever) so I ended up tearing out pages from my Lomo notebook. So let's see... Lomo poster. Lomo notebook pages. Lomo film. And a lomo sticker in the corner. :) I went all out lomo for this one!

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