LOMO Smena Symbol

Recently I found a bargain on Smena Symbol in a internet auction site and made a bid out of whim. I was pretty sure that someone else would top my bid and if that would have happened, I’d probably hadn’t made another offer. But I won the auction. My feelings on that were basically “Oh, that’s cool?” featuring “Meh.”

The camera arrived today and I have pretty much kept it in my hands all day. It’s so lovely! No more “meh”-feelings! :D Smena Symbol has such nice feeling to it. It sits and fits to the palm of my hand perfectly. (I wonder why I haven’t noticed that before? My friend has a broken Smena Symbol and I’ve handled it, but never felt anything special.)

Can’t wait to load some film to this 35 year old baby! But first I’m gonna search some tips from the internet.

written by lightlykilled on 2012-02-09