My best LomoPeople, without lomo :-)


And what if he looks nice always in the pictures, he always is with you when you want to shot your camera, he´s agree to be the object of shooting and then go with you to the shop with the same nerves as you?

Credits: libelulasyyo

It’s great you look where you look, so my first blog is for him, because despite not being a photographer, or have a lomo, he is interested in photography as I do, because he knows that it is important to me. He is setting up a development lab at home just so I can do from the first to the last step when I take a photo.

Credits: libelulasyyo

So to the guy who never had a lomo but who knows almost everything about mine:
You are the best for me :-)

Credits: libelulasyyo

From the pictures we have done and for the picture we will do together!

written by libelulasyyo on 2010-11-08


  1. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    aww thanks for sharing your love story! =) so cute!

  2. beljes
    beljes ·

    precioso artículo leti :)