The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!


Hey there,
thanks for visiting my Lomo-Profile. Photography always has been a paisson of mine. My first camera was blue. My big sister and I always took photos of each other and then later on I did the same thing with my little sister - photography is almost like a family tradition! :D I have a SLR as well, but analogue photography is just the best - well you all know that ;)
I haven't really started experiencing with Lomography in an artistic way but I have a lot of Lomos actually. Not knowing how the photo is going to look like is really my favourite part. The always look so much better than you ever could have imagined! My friends and I always have a blast looking at them :D
I always bring my Coloursplash or my Fish Eye when we're going out partying or something like that. I love my Sardina because it captures the light in a really nice and soft way. My first camera was the Actionsampler: so much fun! Prefer to use it in summer, best results. I also own a Holga 135TM, haven't really figured out what I want to use this one for.


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