My name is Nicholas William Sebastian Shotwell, Currently I enjoy taking multiple-exposure panoramic portraits with reckless abandon,
Other recurring photographic styles include large format portraits, any image with multiple shutters shot in succession, instant film cameras, and any other odd format i can get my hands on. The Beauty in each of these approaches is the relinquishment of control, allowing an
element of chance and excitement when it comes time to develop the film in the darkroom, as i never know when it I will find. This keeps the process new and exciting for me after over five years and a relief from the constant constraint of the traditional 4x6 style of photographs.

I am an avid Film Advocate, as there is a quality and depth to the medium that is being all to quickly discarded in favor to the perfect, Photoshopped pictures that rule photographic culture. My photographs have not been altered digitally in any way shape or form. I can't stand beside an image that is perfect and claim it as my own creation. I am imperfect, and thus any artwork or extension of myself is imperfect as well.

Personally, I am a Huge fan of the White Stripes and Led Zeppelin. I am fascinated by a variety of topics such as plastic surgery, American Civil war history, Ghost hunting and dinosaurs. I have an associates degree in fine arts and have recently returned to keystone college in Northeast PA to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Photography and Sculpture.

When Not working on my Photography, I often work in Leather sculpture, for a sample of my leather work check it out here-

Despite The fact that My leather sculptures receive 10x as much critical acclaim and revenue, there is nothing quite like the romance of working in the darkroom- that magical feeling of an awesome picture you took slowly developing in a tank of developers. It is a medium that i fear will perish before the end of the decade.

Nick Shotwell Has been referred to as "The Haymaker", "The Patron Saint of Lost Causes", and "The Meanest Man in the East"

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