The year I got seriously involved...with Lomography

Credits: laurasulilly

I always had a an interest for photography. I guess it’s like that because my father used to do a lot of analogue photography. He used to have a couple of analogue SLRs and he even developed black and white himself. I have very blurry early-childhood memories of his lab and of my first tries with his camera when I was a litlle older…I was really into shooting flowers back then!

As time passed by, I kind of lost touch with my old friend photography. Then came the year when my sister gave me my first Actionsampler as a birthday gift. Not a very big impact at first. I shot one or two rolls and forgot about it because I wasn’t very happy with the results in the beginning.
But then, this year, after having done some photography with analogue SLRs again, and for reasons I can’t recall anymore, my Actionsampler came back to my mind! I took it to the park: It was early spring and the cherries were in full bloom…

Cross-Processing. I had found a way to capture life in its most colourful ways and I started to see my lovely Berlin in totally new colours and shapes as I took my Actionsampler out and about:

Credits: laurasulilly

Soon enough, I fell in love with Lomography more and more, so I got myself a Diana Mini and the famous and much-loved LC-A to indulge even more in the joys of wild summer colours:

Credits: laurasulilly

With the coming of autumn, redscale films became my one and only…

As it’s getting colder and winter is just around the corner, my new Holga and I have gotten quite close, as have b&w films and I…

I have taken our relationship one step further by trying to experiment with all sorts of vintage cameras I can get hold of, such as old box cameras:

Dear Lomography: Thanks, my love, I owe you much!

PS: If you wanna check out my (upcoming) experiments with vintage cameras, such as Dacora Digna (first pictures online), Balda Baldixette, Agfa Click and Clack, Agfa Synchro Box and many more visit my newly established blog at:

written by laurasulilly on 2010-11-04