• Tunnel Vision Lens

    written by larslau on 2010-01-13 #gear
    Tunnel Vision Lens

    The tunnel vision lens is my favorite accessory. It is always attached to my LC-A+. And it will not only broaden your photographic horizon, but also add a soulful blur to your images.

  • Frisör Liebmann

    written by larslau on 2009-11-05 #places
    Frisör Liebmann

    Frisör Liebmann is probably the smallest hair salon in the world - and it is located inside a bar. In this salon, its easy to get a drinks while you are getting a haircut. To top it off, you can also eat inside the same bar/salon, talk about one-stop-shop!

  • Bottega Christianshavn

    written by larslau on 2009-10-09 #places
    Bottega Christianshavn

    Bottega is a restaurant located next to Christianshavns Torv in Copenhagen which serves Southern Italian food.

  • Christianshavn

    written by larslau on 2009-10-08 #places

    Christianshavn ('Christian's Harbor') is a neighborhood in the inner part of Copenhagen. It got its name from its founder King Christian IV, and is actually an artificial island with an area of 3.43 square kilometers, dug out by Swedish prisoners of war.

  • HUSETS Teater

    written by larslau on 2009-10-07 #places
    HUSETS Teater

    HUSETS Teater (the HOUSE theater) is a theater, bar, concert venue and much more in the center of Copenhagen, located next to Central Station. The bar is divided into two areas, both catering different kinds of music and performance arts.

  • Konya Kebab

    written by larslau on 2009-10-06 #places
    Konya Kebab

    Konya Kebab is the name of quite a number kebab bars in Copenhagen - some good others horrible. This particular Konya Kebab is located at Nørrebrogade 106 opposite of Assistens Kirkegård and falls in the first category.

  • Nørrebrogade

    written by larslau on 2009-10-05 #places

    Nørrebro is a neighborhood in Copenhagen beyond the old Northern Gate (Nørreport) of the city. With its 72,000 inhabitants on only 2.9 square kilometers (1.1 square miles) it has the highest population density of any area in Denmark - in fact the population density is equal to that of Manhattan. Nørrebrogade is the main street of Nørrebro going from Queen Louise's Bridge to Nørrebro S-Train Station.

  • Hasselblad 500C — Bang, Zoom, Straight to the Moon!

    written by larslau on 2009-06-02 #gear
    Hasselblad 500C — Bang, Zoom, Straight to the Moon!

    The 500C is a camera of outstanding quality. In fact, the quality is so high that NASA chose to use it as the camera to be used on Project Mercury, NASA's first mission to put a human in orbit.

  • Doubles With You - Lomodirk + larslau

    written by larslau on 2009-03-28 #news
    Doubles With You - Lomodirk + larslau

    We wanted to do something crazy, we ended up with amazing color infrared doubles!

  • Kodak Aerochrome III 1443 (120, 400 iso) user-review

    written by larslau on 2009-03-02 #gear
    Kodak Aerochrome III 1443 (120, 400 iso) user-review

    Kodak Aerochrome ||| Infrared Film 1443 is the last false-color infrared (CIR) film in production in the world. It is now temporarily available in 120 and 135 formats.

  • Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    written by larslau on 2009-01-02 #gear #tutorials
    Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    The fisheye is my first camera ever - and I loved it. But after taking more than a hundred shots I realised that it wasn't the most versatile camera in the world. I thought that one could take the fisheye concept further - modify it in some way and still have the absurdity of a camera which can only take fisheye pics. At first I wanted to make a medium format fisheye - I tried to modify a Holga to have a designated fisheye lens, but it was rather hard to get the lens in focus. Then I tried to adjust the aperture and shutter speed of the fisheye which gave some very funky pictures.

  • Canon FTb

    written by larslau on 2008-11-24 #gear
    Canon FTb

    The Canon FTb is a real classic SLR camera. It was originally released March 1971 and quickly became a favorite for advanced amateur photographers - and not without a reason.

  • Kodak EIR Infrared (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    written by larslau on 2008-11-21 #gear
    Kodak EIR Infrared (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    It's out of this world! Do you like colours? Do you like infrared? Well, get ready for Velvia on LSD: Kodak EIR will capture the infrared and give you the craziest of colours.

  • Fuji Instax 200

    written by larslau on 2008-09-23 #gear
    Fuji Instax 200

    With the Fuji Instax 200 you'll get the possibility to capture the moment - in wide format. And you definitely won't go unnoticed!