My Dream Date


It all started back in June 2009, I went on a Work and Travel Program to the States, and I ended up working as a game host in an amusement park called Cedar Point, located at Sandusky, Ohio. One day, my friend and I were done from work and were walking out of the office, we saw the manager showing a group of new employees around the games department. From afar, my friend and I noticed there is this cute Asian girl with long black hair among the group of new employees, smiling and nodding to the manager. Deep inside my heart I was like “Hell yeah, finally a cute chick in the department!” But the thing is we have four working areas and the chances of working together with her is only ¼! Since my friend and I both work at different areas, we were betting against each other where this girl will eventually end up at. After a week passed, both my friend and I didn’t get to see her at all during work. We were very disappointed. But who knew that the following day luck is on my side, she just appeared right in front of me! You will never know how happy I was at that moment. It seems that we just didn’t have the same shift for the past 1 week

For 3 months, we have been hanging out rather often and I really enjoyed the time we spent together. However, time flies and it’s finally time to say good bye. I’m a Malaysian. She’s a Taiwanese. Our country is 2000 miles apart. We have feelings for each other but we still need to face this cruel fact. We can’t see where our future lies. Thus, we just promised to keep in touch and bided farewell. After we were both back to our country, we really cherished the time we had thus we still keep in touch very often via skype. This process took place for roughly 3 months. We were very depressed as we really can’t decide whether to continue this relationship or not. At December 2009, I told her I will be coming to Taiwan and let’s decide by then. On 25th December 2009, I told myself since I really do love this girl very much, I’m not going to give up that easily. I did a proper confession to her that night and guess what? Both of us decided to give it a shot and see where it will bring us to. So, we are in a long distance relationship ever since then!
We have been flying much to see each other. Our next scheduled meet up will be on June 2012. She will be coming to Malaysia and attend my graduation ceremony. It’s another 10 more months before we can meet each other again. Then I saw this competition, I realized with the extra 250 Euros I might be able to make time and see her in Jan 2012, which is so much earlier than I could imagine! So below will be the details of how I’m going to spend this 250 Euros with my dream date.

250 Euros equals to around 10000 New Taiwan Dollar(NTD). The 2-way air ticket from Malaysia to Taiwan will cost roughly 200 Euros=8000 NTD. Then, I would like to ask her out for a candlelight dinner at a local Greek themed Restaurant which serves nice food and has great atmosphere. (recommended by people on the internet) My girlfriend’s biggest dream is to be able to go to Greece and look at the Aegean Sea. I don’t have that much money for now but I can still at least afford a dinner at a Greek themed Restaurant. I have checked and 35 Euros =1400 NTD is enough to pay for this meal. Next, we will spend the remaining 15 Euros=600 NTD in a lovely coffee shop. She just loves coffee so much! By the time we are done it will already be quite late and there wouldn’t be much traffic on the road anymore. This is the best time to go out for a ride! I will bring her on the back of her bicycle and we will ride around the city. Empty roads, cold wind, laughter and my love at the back seat holding on to me, this moment is priceless. When we are done, we will cycle back to my girlfriend’s place and rest up for the day. So this will be my dream date.
I really do hope that you can give me the opportunity to make my dream date come true. Thank you.

Credits: larrywzh

written by larrywzh on 2011-08-02


  1. larrywzh
  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    Nice story! hope you see her soon! if there's love you'll be together for sure! We also had a distance relationship but love can do everything!

  3. larrywzh
    larrywzh ·

    @pomps Thanks!i always believe that love can do anything too!good luck and take k!:)

  4. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    This is awesomely sweet larry! Congrats on winning the 250euros and wish you and your gf all the best in this relationship! :)

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    So sweet! Congrat! :)

  7. larrywzh
    larrywzh ·

    @eva_eva @myvitaminx @funfun
    thanks guys im so excited right now!!!:D

  8. eggosupreme
    eggosupreme ·

    Congratz and believe in the feeling! We are on same boat; My gf and I were half a globe away (Japan and Canada). We are still very much the same as we were on our first date.

  9. larrywzh
    larrywzh ·

    @eggosupreme thanks and good luck to u too!!:)

  10. lereile
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    congrats!!!! you did it!!!!

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    @leeyp yea what's up?:D

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    sup dude, nice to meet u.