Free Association


Right, you may have done something like this before but if you haven’t, I thought it would be fun to start a blog where I post a picture and then anyone follows. This means they post one of their own photos that reminds them of the preceeding image i.e. subject matter, colour, tone, location…

Remember to only refer to the last photo posted otherwise it’ll get rather confusing!

Anyway, to get us started, here’s my shot..

Credits: lamp

It would be really cool to see where this takes us so please join in and post your links to your photos below – thanks! :)

written by lamp on 2012-04-02


  1. nquelhas
  2. rewd
  3. rewd
  4. volker-jp
  5. lamp
    lamp ·

    @ohpleasedontgo:@volker-jp:@rewd:@nquelhas: fantastic shots people - I love seeing how you've all linked in with the previous pictures. Thanks for joining the game! :)

  6. ohpleasedontgo
  7. ohpleasedontgo
    ohpleasedontgo ·

    you are welcome :) very nice idea!

  8. bloomchen
  9. hxloon
  10. kneehigh85
  11. djramsay
  12. littlekoala
  13. jeffr
  14. kiteflyin
    kiteflyin ·

    I love this kind of game.…

  15. stratski
  16. infinitemax
  17. djramsay
  18. lamp
    lamp ·

    @djramsey: cute shot which led me to...

  19. djramsay
  20. jeffr
  21. lamp
    lamp ·

    @jeffr: sticking with the birdy theme...

  22. hxloon
  23. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    wooden animals

  24. sweetyyydreams
  25. hewzay
  26. djramsay
  27. stratski
  28. blurry
  29. lamp
  30. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Oooh... the last picture reminded me of a picture... that is not mine! :)

  31. buckshot
  32. lamp
    lamp ·

    @saidseni: haha, send them this way! :)

  33. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Aha! The last one reminds me of one of mine! ;)…