Perfect exposure is a hit-or-miss when you do not have much control of the variables that can affect your shots. My shots have never been bull's eye when it comes to perfect exposure. Either they're overexposed or underexposed. But sometimes epic failures like the ones in this album open up a new way to perceive and interpret aesthetics or what constitutes a beautiful analogue photograph. Initially this set of portraits of legendary Swedish-turned-American actress Greta Garbo of the silent and classic film periods was intended to be an experiment on triples. But the third layer did not manifest due to shutter problem of my LCA+, leaving the shots underexposed. But then... looking at these photographs, the darkness and grains create a sense of mystique that invite more attention (at least in my opinion). My initial frustration was transformed to a sense of eagerness to spend more time looking at each photo. I invite the viewers to also do so and discover for yourself what mysterious beauty I see borne of camera failure. Well, I know our visions are different but who knows what you'll see. Thanks for viewing and don't forget to leave a trace letting me know what you think.


  1. neja
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    great idea!

  2. kikifrenger
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    who is she? :D