Local TV following in the Philippines is very much divided into stations - either you are Kapuso (GMA7), Kapamilya (ABS-CBN 2), Kapatid (TV5) or others. At home, we are Kapuso so I'm not familiar with Kapamilya young stars like Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli. But seeing them being followed by a crowd of beach police, entourage and local paparazzi as they do a beach clean-up (which I hope wasn't just for publicity but I doubt it), I couldn't help but joined the crowd. Good thing the police and the stars' assistants did not mind people like me taking pictures as these young local celebrities do their environmental thing. I guess the rarity of having a famous personality just an arm's-length away enchanted me to keep following them as I change cameras while lomographing them. I must be star-struck. Well, it lasted until I left the crowd. Soon after I was back to regular programming.

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