Boracay did not fail to impress me on my first visit to the island. While the white sand beaches in Panglao island in Bohol is much better from what I've seen, still the long stretch of powdery white sand was nothing short of amazing. I was there to conduct a stress management session using arts together with artist-friends. Fortunately, our hotel was located at Station 3 which was less crowded and much devoid of the hustle and bustle of Stations 1 and 2. In fact, I found Station 3 area more appealing being quieter, with better looking shores and better area for swimming even if most boats are parked in this part of the island. At the time of our visit, one portion of the shore of Station 1 was covered by masses of green algae that were clearly visible specially during low tide. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my sojourn to Boracay which I thought was a truly lomographic paradise. My films weren't enough to capture all its splendor.

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