At 4pm I arrived home and finally had my lunch after attending the Black Nazarene procession in Manila. Every 9th of January is the feast of Quiapo's Black Nazarene. Roamed around the City Hall, National Museum and Roundtable areas of the procession. Saw lots of devotees, so many replica images of the Black Nazarene from a few inches to life-size tall. Commerce is very much alive along the procession route. Fascinating to see the thick crowd of devotees and the many men and women who walked, jumped and crawled over heads and shoulders of the 'namamanata' (devotee) in order to get to the main carriage to touch, kiss, embrace and even hang on the lower end of the cross despite warning of the guides. Equally fascinating are the visual trajectories of handkerchieves, towels and shirts thrown to the guides at the carriage for them to wipe the image and the cross and then thrown back at the owners. Faith is fun (respectfully in a serious sense) in the Philippines! Took a some lomographs during this spiritual walk. As my films are yet to be processed, I thought I'd publish a few shots of the Quiapo Church I took a few months ago when I was in the area.

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