• Flower Power Eiffel Tower

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    I tested a new film - the Fuji T64 and I love it. It's more blueish and more contrasty than the Astia 100F. ------ --------

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    I received this roll of very expired Kodak Kodacolor II in unknown condition as part of a bundle of assorted films a while back. Last night, I was bored out of my mind and could not sleep, so I shot the roll in my Diana with the Glass lens. I overexposed it by 2-3 stops in every shot except the one in the mirror in the bathroom which was 4-5 stops over. Obviously the film did not age well as even the 4-5 stops over was still underexposed. So the results were mostly artsy blue tinted film, one decently exposed shot and the rest were just nothing. I wish I had shot it during a sunny day, I bet I could have gotten better results. But like I said I had no clue if it was even going to work since it was from 1983.

  • analogue photos, as always

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  • Vintage tractor wheel

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    I figure if Lomography teamed up with the guys who made the Zorki, Zenit and FED cameras to build tractors, they'd probably look something like these ;-). I took these shots at a vintage tractor meet in Luxembourg (where I grew up), way back in 1997. I can't remember the details, exactly, but I guess this was one of my first test rolls with my Nikon F50 (but they might have been taken with a Pentax Program A I had back then too — I'm not sure).

  • Penelope

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  • Red to burn

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    LomoHome Of The Day November 2, 2019 Thank you!!

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    In Color :)

  • The Pínjols Party

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  • 嵯峨野竹林 -Kyoto in silence

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    Long exposure. About 0.5 second.

  • 秋の嵐山 -Kyoto in autumn

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  • J's dream

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    When she falls asleep she gets lost in a world of wonderful creatures and huge flower. Doubles with myself - experimenting with the odd and the unexpected.

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  • Skiing

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    with a good friend

  • LC-Wide EBX - Sobetion in Korea #4

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    ♥ 이 손 절대 놓지 말자영원히 널 사랑해~

  • Ghostface

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    Some ghostface

  • eye of a needle

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    I was lucky enough to join Vicuna, his brother Gérard and a bunch of other wonderful people on a recent trip to Burkina Faso. This is the second album of the adventure. On our last morning we walked down one of the busy roads to end up on a bridge, which is the bottleneck of traffic for Ouagadougou. People stream down the road in incredible pace. So it's pretty hard to focus, because nobody will keep standing for your desire to take a picture. It's also a great ensemble of all things transport. From women carrying huge loads just on their heads with amazing control, to carriages with donkeys as engines. To bikes, rikschas, motorcycles and pick up-trucks with too many passengers. This place is the aorta of the capital city, it makes your heart beat just looking at it...

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  • Double with Fendy Fazeli

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  • moo makes the cow

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    During a walk in my neighborhood, I've met some nice cows. MOOOOOOOO

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  • Kassel

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    Short trip to visit stellastellar ( ) and trash-gordon-from-outer-space (

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