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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wanna go there. By the way can I ask you a question, do you know the closest cheap motel/hostel near the airport & San Siro stadium? How much the price is for one night and where can I get AC Milan UEFA Champions league ticket near there & how much the price? I'm not going this year, maybe next year or ten years from now, mish me luck =)

  2. la_cippo
    la_cippo ·

    i'm sorry i don't know about hostels near san siro/airport! but you can have a look here or here! these are two of the best websites in which you can find chep hostel wherever you want!
    regarding the tickets, when i went, years ago, @san siro to support AC milan i bought my ticket at Intesa San Paolo Bank, but i think you can find them also on the internet ( the price goes from 20 to 100 i think... or something like that!

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