Allotment Day

This film was happily cranked on a digging visit to my allotment plot nearby. I might add that it doesn't show too much digging if any, mostly gabbing and the walk home!

I was asked to test/provide content for the new product from Lomography, The Lomokino Smart Phone Holder. I waited with lots of expectation for the product to arrive and when I finally got my hands on it I could see that it would have great potential. The idea is that you attach your lomokinoscope to the back of the unit and your Smart Phone to the front, line it up and film away.

If you have film strips that are perfectly aligned and you have also used slide /E6 film then you are really on to a winner. I love the Lo-Fi results produced but I had great difficulty with my scope as film alignment doesn't seem to be a priority for my Lomokino Camera, maybe it's not working properly?!

Anyway I do love this little device and I think if I am away on holiday it will be going with me just in case I can get film developed and then I can make films and post them remotely.

I did also use the device in another way but that would mean more work in iMovie as I captured each frame individually and then imported, the flow was much better for this film.