Myopic Tree Moments

"Myopic Tree Moments" is a Lomokino Pinhole Film, the first that I have done, maybe the first!

I was asked to do some mods to the kino and make a couple of films for Lomography. Willing and able I leapt at the chance and tore that poor lens from the camera with relish as pinhole still photography is my thing!

This is the result after a rather willing assistant stood and occasionally moved, in the cold for some time whilst I got to grips with holding a Kino lifting a flap (film lid) cranking to the next frame, oh hang on, don't forget lowering the flap then cranking, although on some I did crank without bothering and it seems to have made no difference!...something to investigate. So I got into the swing of it and this is what happened.

The post processing in photoshop was just cleaning cropping and titles, that is it... thank you!