First Attempt at Blogging

Here are a few photos from my first real “LOMO” camera, my new LC-A+. So far so good. I have been interested in photography for many years and discovered Lomography last year while preparing for a trip to Vienna, Austria to visit my daughter who was there on a study abroad program. I’m not exactly sure about the amount of “study” that occurred but she had a great experience. We visited the Lomo store at the Museumsplatz. I started my analog journey with my old but well loved Nikon F2. I also have a 35mm point and shoot Leica C1 which takes great photos and is fun to use.

I really like the back to basics of the LOMO LC-A+, nothing pretentious about this camera, just set the zone focus, frame the shot, and push the shutter release; you gotta love it!

Here are a few photos from my first outing with my new LC-A+ camera. These were taken at the Morton Pumpkin Festival with my good friend Javier (and wife Dora) and their twin daughters.

Credits: ksears119

written by ksears119 on 2012-10-02