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    shared by clownshoes on 2012-12-03

    Took a roll from my trip last week to the Everglades. Thought I'd take another swing at solarizing it. Might be something easier to do during printing.

  • Blue industry

    shared by poepel on 2012-12-02

    Another day in the industrial park Landsweiler-Reden with my friend @thejomi I used an old Kodak Vericolor Slide film SO-279. (expired 01/1992) the film is a color negative film who was intended to produce positive images from color negatives. I set the iso to200. but next time i will set it to25. The blue color is awesome. I'm happy to have another 2 rolls of this crazy film.

  • Narcisismo

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  • Fuji ISO 200 high contrast

    shared by ghidini on 2012-07-27

    I used cheap Fuji ISO 200 films which I received free from Jessops (you get one free film for every film you develop. it's cheap, but OK). To get high contrast I shot all the images in ISO 160 or 125 on -2 points of light compensation. So when the film was developed as ISO 200 it'd be more exposed although I had the photos the light compensation. I kind liked the results.

  • Festival of Lights 2012 | Potsdamer Platz

    shared by ck_berlin on 2012-10-30

    Home developed and expired hybrid processed film. More about HPro2: