Oooh I reached 500 analog uploads!!!

What a productive day! I am waiting for a bunch of Lomo Lab packs with my Lubitel so in the meantime I looked around the house to see what if any photo CDs I had to load onto my Lomo home and how cool…I found a bag of CDs with archived shots from different Lomo cams from a few years back with Retina, Holga, Seagull, Horizon, Rollei, LC-A & my Nikon FE. Some of the rolls had some frankly, crappy shots on em and some were a lil crappy but it had more to do with experimenting with a new at the time camera and I still think the shot is cool.
While others were surprising cuz I had no idea what was on them and the shots were like from some distant dreamy past

Credits: koduckgirl

this was my living room 8 yrs ago & I totally forgot it EVER looked like THAT I am glad it doesn’t now but at same time…I kind of miss it!
One of the beauties of real film is there is a concrete record in a negative as opposed to digital that so often has the tendancy to get lost/erased

written by koduckgirl on 2012-07-10