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I realised recently that most people on with accounts on lomography.com have a scanner at home, do their own developing and so on and so forth. I keep trying to decide whether or not me and my boyfriend should get a scanner and start to do our own or not (he is very firmly in the yes camp).
The problem I have with this is, my 2 favourite things in life (where photography/lomography is concerned) are getting my photos back from the lab with no clue of what is going to come out, and now that I have started to send my photos off to a lab in London to be developed and scanned etc is not knowing when I will get them back, often it is weeks or months after they have been snapped.

Credits: kneehigh85

Obviously this way is a lot more expensive, but the suspense makes it all just a little bit exciting!

written by kneehigh85 on 2010-11-11

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  1. amyrose
    amyrose ·

    I can definitely relate...I love getting my photos developed weeks or months later and realising I'd forgotten what I had taken photos of :)