The Pictures in a Photograph


The world is so digital savvy now that it’s rare to see prints photographs. So when a close friend asked if she could borrow my Diana Min, I gave it to her with film, and the instructions: “You must must must show me the results when you’re finished!” In my group of friends, its uncommon to see any of them interested in photography outside of camera phones, and point n’ shoots. So I jumped at the thought of my friend wanting to get into photography. Not to mention the chance to so this.

I love the idea of making a web with string, grabbing clothespins, and hanging up memories. Not just mine, but of friends too. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to get a group of friends together, each with a handful of summer memories, and have everyone string them up to share. Here’s hoping that at the end of summer this can happen.

Credits: kmcburnie

written by kmcburnie on 2012-08-01


  1. zoe191
    zoe191 ·

    nice idea

  2. kmcburnie
    kmcburnie ·

    @Zoe191 Thanks!

  3. tingtravel
    tingtravel ·

    so good!