Going Analogue


Well… last Sunday I went analogue for a day – no computer, no phone, no microwave – and somehow survived to tell the tale!

I wasn’t really bothered about not using my mobile or the microwave, but my computer basically rules my life. It gets turned on first thing in the morning and turned off when I go to bed. In today’s world computers and mobile phones are becoming more and more akin to necessary rather than luxury items. My university sends me important emails full of information about classes and reading materials thus my computer is essentially my lifeline for my master’s degree. I admit my computer isn’t just a scholastic tool… I spend far too much time on Facebook as well. With my computer so much a part of my daily life I wasn’t quite sure how it would feel not using it, even if only a day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone for weeks without my computer or internet before, most recently on a 3 week holiday in France… but holiday’s are different – this day I would essentially be sitting face to face with my computer and deciding not to turn it on. I decided that might be a little too difficult and hid my computer and mobile phones away in a drawer for the day.

I was surprised how my Analogue Day turned out. It was a day when I had absolutely nothing planned – if I had gone analogue on a day full of seminars and library research it would have been a bit of a cop-out. I wanted to spend a day that I would usually spend doing nothing in particular (i.e. spending far too much time on facebook or watching TV online) going analogue. The whole day felt like a holiday. As I use my mobile as my alarm clock I ended up sleeping in…. and then I spent the rest of the day reading for fun (something practically unheard of when you are doing a master’s degree), walking in Regent’s Park and (of course) taking photos. Yes… sleeping in, reading for fun and taking photos – pretty much the definition of a holiday for me! And surprisingly enough I didn’t miss my computer. Ok.. I have to admit when I was eating dinner I was itching to watch some TV online because it felt far too quiet eating on my own without some background noise… but for the rest of the day I didn’t miss it at all. I ended the day feeling incredibly relaxed.

Credits: kitde

Although it is rather impractical to go completely analogue for an extended period of time, I know that I spend far more time online etc. than I really need to. I think that essentially ‘going analogue’ means re-evaluating things – really… how important is browsing other people’s facebook pages? It’s much more fun to go outside and actually see people in real life. Plus – what would make better photos – documenting an hour spent on the computer or documenting a walk in the park?

Credits: kitde

written by kitde on 2011-03-13