The Magic Box Is Called Camera


Film cameras has changed a lot of aspects in my life.
I become more appreciative about the process. Instead of shooting the same object many times then choosing the best one, film encourages you to make that one shot perfect.
We really didn’t know what the final, but we can do our best, starting from the selection of camera, type of film, the lab to process the film, and certain techniques. The Japanese friend told me “Ganbatte Kudasai!”.

Many people began use analog camera again, most of them make film photography into business. Real business, not a leisure. Film photography tend more exclusive because the film availability are limited, and some labs stopped their film processing service.

But behind it all is so awesome, that the film results is the real color. Maybe the digital SLR is better, and some cameras could capture HD video. But if you have a limited budget, it’s not your option.

Nowadays, to buy a full frame camera with lens, you need at least $2,500. But you can get an analog camera with $100 in your wallet. Maybe you feel extravagant about films and the process, but you also have to remember if we live in digital world. Of course we are always tempted to be updated (upgrade). I’ve been using the iPhone and instagram and it’s enough for me.

Credits: kikifrenger

Using an analog camera really shape us to be more mentally tough, think carefully before acting. One of The 10 golden rules is “don’t think just shoot”. Behind this jargon is we actually still think however quickly, we must consider how the ambient light conditions, what kind of film that we used, how about aperture, and focus distance. We may think but very quickly even though we didn’t see through viewfinder.

Credits: kikifrenger

And this is life. The Magic Box is Called Camera. Every result of the film is unpredictable, just like life is indeed, full of mysteries.

written by kikifrenger on 2014-08-27


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    well written mas!

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