Wildflowers Grow in Denton Texas

Denton Texas is a sweet little University town. The main town square has unique stores, casual eateries and a the largest used/swap book store I've seen. For a smaller town it boasts two very large Universities and is bustling with students who share coffee and trade knowledge. It's a delight to take the drive and visit this place. And as much a delight to stop and enjoy the wildflowers on the way. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denton,_Texas


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  2. sobetion
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    nice color <3

  3. sobetion
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    nice color <3

  4. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    I love the provia colours with the lc-a! totally different from the lubitel ones..

  5. ishifishy
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    Love your album. Great great great colors :)

  6. buckshot
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    Good work, kibs! P.S. I knew you were a book lover too, because you can spell and don't make typos...! ;-)

  7. davidb
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    Amazing vignetting. Beautiful album!

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    @opon21 @sobetion @andrejrusskovskij @ishifishy @davidb thank you guys so much :D @buckshot LOL :D

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    Wonderful album. The colors are amazing. Perfect camera-film combo!! <3

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    @mafiosa I agree, great results from the Provia 100F. Great set kibs!

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    @muhamad_haiz_shamsudin thank you so much my friend :D

  12. adash
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    Excellent colour on this set! Looks like a nice place, but I am afraid to ask what the temperature was like when taking these.....

  13. kibs
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    @adash oh yes, it was about 100 degrees F!! Very hot indeed :)

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    nice album!! I love wildflowers too :)

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    thank you @grazie !! Now every time I see a wildflower I'm going to have to take a picture :)

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    lovely album!

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    @blueskyandhardrock thank you so much sweetie! I can't believe how in love with color I am these days :)

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    @wafflesaurus thank you!!!

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    Great album i love the colors so much ! Provia and Sensia are awesome films