• adi_totp x stonerfairy #2

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    Totally Tungsten!!

  • pox my film

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  • .Snap.Click.Repeat.

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    On the first of January, 2012 I loaded my LC-A+ and started snapping away whenever I would go out to do something fun. These photographs turned out. :)

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    I would miss the feeling of being imersed, of being gently touched in every part of the body, of travelling in 3 dimensions, the cooling feeling of a swimming pool dip or a warm shower on a winter morning, a feeling of balance! I would miss returning to the womb whenever i want!

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  • Corporate Fisheye Splitzer

    written by clichecliche44 on 2009-09-05 #gear #tutorials
    Corporate Fisheye Splitzer

    You can use buisness cards to make a splitzer for your Fisheye! The size of the business card is perfect for your Fisheye lense. All you need is some tape, a business card and your Fisheye!

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