Pouring Out Hot Water


What I find most interesting, though, is what colour that water pours back out. My Ektar rolls come out with this emerald green colour, and Fuji Superia is a kind of light rose. I get almost nothing from Kodak Ultramax 400.

Tonight I developed my first roll of slide film in C-41, Fujichrome MS 100/1000. In addition to being excited by what the results might be (it’s drying at this exact moment), the water turned a brilliant violet colour, almost a bit over to cobalt blue. It was beautiful.

That is all.

written by kevinhodur on 2013-04-06

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    I know, it's crazy when you pour out that water to find its gone any one of a myriad of shades, :D My weirdest ones have been a neopan black and white film that made the developer Shocking lime green, and fuji T64 does the bright purple water thang. I have also found that normal cheep CN films don't have these wild colour shifts to the water, Pale yellow or orange seems to be the most they do.