Towers and Spring

A sunny but cold spring day here today. I do chuckle at LSI’s requested articles on signs of spring like flowers. There are still 30 inches of snow on the ground here at the moment, and rather unbelievably, we’re supposed to get another 4-6" tomorrow. Not cool!

But today was pleasant enough, the trees just sticks on the opposite shore of the Portage Canal. One of the things I tend to include in my artwork on a landscape is a communications tower, one of those alternating red and white “I” towers that are ubiquitous across North America. They remind me that civilization isn’t all that far away.

You see, I do alright living someplace relatively remote, but I live in town. The epic trips I like to take are day trips. I like to sleep in my own bed when I can. I readily admit to being a creature of comfort.

There are seven towers I can see from the upper floor of my home, more obvious at night slowly flashing their red beacons. They remind me that, in these spaces, I’m never alone, that when I am asleep someone else is awake, that when I’m off, others are working. They are a symbol of interconnectivity, and also one of automation.

I also enjoy DXing (finding distant stations) on AM radio, and I like to find the bizarre sounds that are out there on shortwave as well. It can be a much stranger world than we see on the surface.

But I find us being connected in such a good way when I see these landmarks on the horizon. In a way that we’re never connected with something like mobile devices or the internet.

Funny, that.

written by kevinhodur on 2013-04-05