I Want Piggies!

I love 120; I don’t love the cat fur that seems to gravitate towards my scanner.

LSI really does have the whole piggies thing figured out rather brilliantly.

Like many of you, I make use of the wishlist feature in the Lomography Shop. Right now, my list has three cameras and two lenses:

Fisheye 2 Lime Punch
Diana F+ Buttercup and Diana Wide Angle Lens
Diana F+ True Blue and Diana Telephoto Lens

As much as I enjoy shooting in 35mm, the Diana F+ Glow in my collection has been a revelation. It feels remarkably good in my hands, and once I’ve got my aim figured out (I just shot a roll of the Fujichrome 100/1000 that I’ll be developing tonight, so maybe I’ve finally got it), I’m going to be dangerous with it.

But I’d like to add a couple of different lens options, and I tend to like to just grab and go. Add to that the bright, beautiful colours of the Diana F+ series, and I’m okay getting a couple more.

I want to earn them, though, rather than just pay for them.

For one thing, I’m trying to close down my business, and that means clearing out a bunch of inventory and trying to pay off a bank loan. I shouldn’t just be spending excess cash until that’s sorted, you know? And I’d like to get a couple of small debts knocked out before my student loan bills really get big: I have a small car payment and the last of my wife’s student loans.

So that means I do the one thing I’m really good at: writing. I write a monthly column, The Road Rarely Traveled for the Lomo Magazine, and I’m trying to pitch in with Locations, Reviews, etc. Maybe I can even win a contest or two!

The result? For the Lomo community, this means we have more content, especially with a bunch of people doing this on the site. We get to see more, understand more, have more reviews, and generally have a richer environment here. Since you can use unlimited piggies on orders over $200, I’m aiming to take that wishlist and knock it out with piggies.

That’s a lot of writing. And that’s okay.

Now if only we could talk LSI into programming a tip jar or something for all of those individuals who have piggies for which they have no need…

written by kevinhodur on 2013-04-05