Grain Pain

I begrudge that my first blog is a post of puzzlement but I wanted to share this out in the hope of getting some help.

I went to the launch of the Manchester LomoWall the other week and happily took a few shots on my LC-A+. Whilst I must admit I haven’t used this camera a great deal since buying it and would still consider myself in the learning stages with it I can’t understand how this roll went so badly. Although it was something of a lightly overcast day I was shooting with Kodak Gold ISO400 and I absolutely know the film speed was correctly set on the camera itself. I had Jessops develop the roll and when I got it back I was really surprised by how grainy all the shots are. Perhaps my mistake is using Jessops but I don’t understand how they could have developed in such a way to result in such grain. I’ve used them before and never had a problem until this roll. Could anyone shed any light on this matter?

Credits: kelly_panda

Help anyone?

Planning to go out shooting some decent shots of the LomoWall tomorrow as these shots clearly don’t do it any justice.

written by kelly_panda on 2012-08-08