• Serena

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    My cute dog :)

  • Pink Car

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    Mel's Drive in Universal Studios

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  • Lomowalk along the beach

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    Since I was the only one who had a lomo camera in the group, I did the lomowalk alone. An hour before we left for the airport, I took one last stroll along the beach. LESSON LEARNED: the beach can over expose an ISO 100 film

  • Balloon Race II

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    Underexposed multi layered photo. I can imagine there is a true sense of wonder and isolation soaring above the clouds in a baloon looking down on Earth. There are a lot of reasons this lomograph is one of my favorites. It is my most popular lomograph. It is a double exposure and I love doubles. I also love hot air balloons and hope to one day ride in one.

  • Umbrella

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    Esta Lomografía para la portada de "Yellow Submarine" de The Beatles La mejor, la de Hey Bulldog!!

  • Lomowalk along the beach

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    can you see yours?

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    I was able to do all those thanks to ceduxi0n and blueskyandhardrock's brilliant ideas. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own!

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  • Johannesburg: In and Around Newtown

    written by nicx on 2010-11-27 #places
    Johannesburg: In and Around Newtown

    Johannesburg is full of culture, people, old buildings, renovated buildings making it a place where there's so much to see and explore. Here's a look at the different buildings in our city - old and new. Giant artworks are usually displayed on the city buildings; the amazing graffiti livens up our streets and make you want to turn to each corner to see what's around it.

  • This is my London lomowalk

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    But if you are liking it, you may also like BRICK LANE:

  • Mugshots of Musicians Part 2

    written by nyebe on 2011-11-23
    Mugshots of Musicians Part 2

    Have you checked Part 1 of Mugshots of Musicians? If so, then let's continue on in this Mugshot musical history...

  • Кошки

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    I would miss the feeling of being imersed, of being gently touched in every part of the body, of travelling in 3 dimensions, the cooling feeling of a swimming pool dip or a warm shower on a winter morning, a feeling of balance! I would miss returning to the womb whenever i want!

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  • Berlin Festival of lights

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    Night walk with ck_berlin and sushi_9009 at the Berlin fetsival of lights. ck_berlin made us "the ring of fire" which you can also see on his pictures

  • Entrevista para el diario La Voz de Cádiz

    shared by isabel_mebarak on 2011-04-03

    Mientras nos entrevistaban, hicimos una demostración de como hacer fotos... y estas fueron las fotos que saque. Por cierto, no sé si es que me salieron fatal las fotos o que mi scanner ya esta para tirarlo...

  • in love

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    with Polaroid. 'coz having fun is essential nowadays..

  • balcony

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    theme.. shoting. both meanings. miss my summer, miss Lithuania...