week 34: ciao trieste


recently my sister and i spent a few days in italy – first we went to trieste, then later continued to venezia.
we travelled there by night train, which is really cheap but also really exhausting. i only slept for about half an hour that night, because there were some really noisy people on the train and it was far from comfortable. so basically i walked around like a zombie on our first day in trieste ;)

trieste is a very nice city. it looks a lot like vienna (which is no coincidence since it was part of austria before world war I), but mixed with some italien style and perhaps a little more “grungy”, but not in a bad way. we had perfect weather and it’s just so great to be in a city that is next to the sea. plus they have the best coffee! :)

here are the pictures i took with my simple point-and-shoot-camera. basically they are just some snapshots, mostly following the “don’t think, just shoot” rule.

these were taken with the lomography x-pro chrome 100 film (my second last roll! :( i love that film, really wish it would be available again):

Credits: kekskonstrukt

and these with the agfa ct precisa 100 film (unfortunately a lot of them turned out overexposed):

Credits: kekskonstrukt

you can check out all the photos in my album: ciao trieste!

i also took a bunch of pictures with my lubitel, so i hope you’d like to see much more of trieste soon :)

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-09-14

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  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    sounds like a nice lil trip cheers!