week 16: move!

i know, i know… i’m terribly behind with my “one album per week” challenge. not due to the lack of ideas, but due to the lack of time. BUT i was super busy this week and shot 4 (!) more rolls of film. they are currently at the lab, about to get developed, and i hope i can post them all next week. so make sure to check out my lomohome again in the next few days!

anyway, let’s talk about this weeks roll of film: i wanted to shoot black and white film with my oktomat for quite some time now. i thought this might lead to interesting results. umm, well… not so much. i like that they look super vintage, but overall i’m not very satisfied. most of the photos are dull and poor in contrast.

yet there are a few i do like, for example this one – my sister and a hula hoop :)

Credits: kekskonstrukt

or the pics from the “linz marathon”

Credits: kekskonstrukt

and the ones with sky in it are not so bad either

Credits: kekskonstrukt

but all in all i did hope for better results. there are only 12 out of 36 photos i find acceptable. you can check them out here: move!

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-05-11