week 14: holga, holga!


i wanted to get another medium format camera besides my beloved diana for quite a while now. i was thinking about getting myself a lubitel and tried to save some piggy points. but then the day came, where my piggies were about to expire… and i had collected quite a few, but not as much as planned.

so i really wasn’t sure about what to purchase… do i really want to spend 300,- € for a lubitel 166+? or maybe get a holga for just 37,95 €? you can get a lot of film for more than 260,- € …
plus i don’t really like to have expensive cameras. i mean, yeah, i do like the fancy features and they also make “better” pictures… but on the other hand i like to stuff the camera into my bag, take it with me wherever i go and don’t want to worry that it could break or gets stolen.

so i eventually made my decision and purchased a holga cfn 120 (and a lot of film)! and here are some pictures of my first roll:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

some of them are surprisingly sharp, while others are just meh. i took a lot of doubles to make them more interesting, since the weather was bad and i wasn’t in an interesting surrounding neither.
i like the camera so far and i’m eager to shoot with other films and in different sceneries.
and maybe, one day, i’ll find a cheap lubitel on ebay… :)

have a look at all the pictures from my first roll with the holga here: holga, holga!

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-04-16