week 12: lomo art


i rarely submit to the competitions on lomography.com. sometimes i browse through the ongoing competitions and submit a photo or two, when i think there is one in my lomohome already, that might fit the theme. but i never shoot pictures just for participation.

well, until this week… i just had to make a drawing for the “lomo art: draw your own cameras” competition. i love to draw and to paint pictures, but i hardly ever find the time. so i thought this would be the perfect chance to convince myself to make some time for drawing again.

and here we go… i proudly present DIANA – my favourite superheroine :)

Credits: kekskonstrukt

here are some of the details – the diana camera, the filmstrip mask, the boots with filmstrip pattern and the belt with filmrolls

Credits: kekskonstrukt

as i said before, i don’t draw much anymore and i’m especially out of practice when it comes to drawing comics, but it’s not too bad, right?

Credits: kekskonstrukt

there are many great submissions in this competition already, so i don’t know if i stand a chance, but it sure was fun and i’m excited to find out who is going to win the competition!

my album: lomo art

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-03-31

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  1. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    aus der Übung bist du bestimmt nicht, das is einfach sooo gut geworden! :) kannst richitg stolz sein, is echt toll :)