week 5: aesthetic of destruction


for this album i created a mask for my beloved diana – transparency paper with black color splashes on it. i taped the filter into the camera and took some pictures with the lomography lady grey film. i had some images in mind, but with the diana you just can’t really “plan” the photos.

once i finished the film and took out the roll, i realized that the filter was gone! apparently i didn’t taped it in well enough, so it came off halfway through and got sucked into the roll of film. i unrolled the film in complete darkness to get the filter out, brought the roll to the lab and hoped for the best.

in photo 1 – 4, the mask was still in place, here is one of them:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

in photo 5, you can see that the filter is already halfway gone:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

the rest of the pictures were without a sign of the mask and therefore kinda boring, so i decided to destroy them in order to create some effects! first i tried to drip different kinds of liquids and cleaning stuff on the negatives, but nothing really worked, except for drain cleaner – it creates dark spots:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

then i decided to scratch the negatives, some with a metal sponge and some with a needle… and i absolutely love the result! i wonder why i never thought of this before. when you scratch the negatives with a needle you can even create lines and patterns:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

i just love the effect, i think i’m going to destroy more negatives in the future :)
here is the complete album – check it out: aesthetic of destruction

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-02-04


  1. usha_berg
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    Thank you! Very interesting!

  2. kekskonstrukt
    kekskonstrukt ·

    @santa-sangre @usha_berg thanks! :)