week 2: 100 clicks on red


recently i stumbled upon this tipster – microclicks – and i just had to try it! i took my diana 1960’s and loaded it with lomography redscale 100 film. i set the aperture on “cloudy” (it really was a cloudy day), went for a little lomo walk and shot various buildings and cityscapes.
the tipster says to only advance one click, but i was a little too impatient and forwarded 2 or 3 clicks every time.

however i absolutely love the result! you don’t have to shoot something spectacular, almost anything turns out great. plus it is super simple! i will definitely try it again sometime.

here are my top 3 of the week:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

find the whole album here: 100 clicks on red

written by kekskonstrukt on 2013-01-14


  1. edenhovenga
    edenhovenga ·

    Ah. The first one is absolutely amazing!

  2. kekskonstrukt
    kekskonstrukt ·

    @edenhovenga thank you so much!

  3. gibri
    gibri ·

    have you tried with more clicks?