week 51: triple diana

for this album i used my diana f+ camera and the 35mm back. i also used all my different lenses for the diana:
the first layer was shot with the 38mm wide angle lens,
the second one with the close-up lens
and the third one with the standard 75mm lens.

the first and the second layer were mostly taken inside with the diana flash and different color filters, the third one primarily outdoors, but on a late afternoon/nightfall. maybe it was a tad too dark already for this layer, it does not show much on most of the pictures.

with double, and even more with triple exposure, the result is always quite unpredictable. but this is also why it’s so exciting and fascinating. and i do got some nice surprises:

Credits: kekskonstrukt

check out all the photos here: triple diana.

written by kekskonstrukt on 2014-01-09