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  • Sziget Festival Budapest 2012

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    This is one of my favourite lomographs. It gives a good impression of the atmosphere at the festival. It was very crowded at the Killers concert, when these two decided to climb this post in the back of the audience to have a better view of the stage.

  • Rawr

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    Testing different ISO-settings for this film. But none came out in purple tones. Anyone know why?

  • Hamburger DOM Fun fair

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  • Fireworks on my life

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    My facebook page:

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    I was practically running on a new pair of bargain faux Crocs slippers I bought at the Harrison Plaza to catch the sunset at Manila Bay. There was a moment when the sky turned a bit dark like an impending rain was about to fall. But upon reaching Vito Cruz St., there was a clearing in the sky that allowed the sun's rays to majestically cast shadows along the road. So I walked briskly passing through lots of young men in white jogging in the opposite direction. They must be new recruits of the naval force. Finally reached the marina in time to capture the slow descent of the sun as it disappeared in the horizon and feel the sea breeze blowing against my face. Sunset is always a special time to cool down and clear the mind. Indeed a very relaxing sight!

  • Berlin - random shots

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  • Single Swan

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    playing with the Splitzer and the Wide Angle lens

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    I was trying to take some close up shots of a cat that visits my flat from time to time. I think I was a bit close for some of the shots though, they appeared in focus through the viewfinder but were slightly soft when developed. Still learning with this camera!

  • Bandung Carnival Land

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    Why this is my favorite lomograph? Because its simply like life, we go through all the motion and enjoy it!

  • 2.doubles. Europe-tour with emkei. PART 2

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    this is the second roll of doubles with emkei, his lomohome: Thank you very much for sharing with me this double experience :)

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  • A forgotten roll of Velvia

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    No, no really. One doesn't just "forget" a roll of perfectly processed Velvia. It was left waiting since I did not have a scanner. I am now proud to present to you: Velvia from Autumn'2011.

  • Searching for four-leaved clovers

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    She finds lots of them. Every time.

  • Doubles with Brunooo!

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    I love the results !!

  • First Caffenol attempt (WOW)

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    5 grams of instant coffee, 2 grams of washing soda and a lot of fun!

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  • Russia Day

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  • metamorphose

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    since the weather is just lousy out there I decided to do some indoor shooting .. added a close-up lens and a splitzer to my Belair and grabbed some fruits ... these are the results :-)

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  • Spring Trip Part1.

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    with Cherry blossom and Cornelian Cherry.

  • sorry but

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    i don't really eat that for breakfast

  • doubles with /sobetion

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    V - magazines / david lachapelle / marcos lopez / flowers sobetion - Thailand

  • Lake Swan

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    Not with a splitzer :)

  • yet another film swap

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    with my dearest Pui. He shot his layer in Thailand and I shot mine in Valencia, Spain. I don't know why the scabs came out so overexposed. The negative seems fine. Maybe it's just my scanner... Anyway, make sure to check out Pui's lomohome:

  • we loved Evora!

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    from my research I knew that Evora was considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. So we investigated. And it was! we so loved it that decided to stay overnight.

  • spring doubles

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    Saatchi & Saatchi gallery, Kew Gardens botanical gardens, Soho

  • Golden Hour of Photography

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    I have been here so many times before, but I never get tired of seeing Calatrava's creations and taking pictures of it. That was my 1st ever try of Lomography CN 800 ISO film and I couldn't be more happy with it. Since this marvelous sunset above the City of Arts and Science, shooting during the golden hour of photography became a habit.

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    LomographyAsia Magazine article: 台北尋貓記 (Taipei Cats)

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  • walking walking :D

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  • Lighted Dash

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    Test roll for my (newly-acquired) Minolta X-700 with 50mm f/1.4 lens..

  • Singapore

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    Various photos taken in and around Marina Bay. I really like the Rollei Retro film, even if it is hard to find.

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  • Obligatory bench shot as usual :)

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    Part 2 of solo lomowalk. Part 1 can be found here if anybody is interested

  • Summertime in the village

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    ¡Al RRRRRRRRRRRrrrrico helado BAMBOLINO!