The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!


I'm hooked on:
books, tattoos, habits, my bike, furry pets, my mac, my camera, friends, breathing springair, eating olives, feeling like I'm in a movie, shoes, clothes, bags, planning things, working, children, planning, nostalgia, chicken, joy division, being a girl, loving a boy, lollypops, chips, cleaning, the city, healthy applejuice, cooking (for someone), yoga (iyengar), morningsex, perfume, blush, sunglasses, sex, 'Friends', soymilk-milkshake-pudding-..,the goonies, retro, my curls, lookbook, magazines, animalrescue, easy money, schemes, people who text/call back immed, durban curry, vanilla, mint, salmon, banksy, birds, drumnbass, gorestep, debussy, my own language, ice coffee, writing letters, philosophy, sambuca, catcher in the rye, marvel, GG, Misfits, turning records, Poirot (my cat), werthers original candy,

I couldn't stand, even if I'd want to:
girls with backpacks, whipe make up off,
cold, tomatos, dust, dirty bathrooms, full stores, crying kids, back pains, bad pictures, omg-people, bad-hair days, mascara-mess, cold floor, snow, clapping for someth/someone, people eating disgusting, loud noises, missing my bed, dr phil, celebr birthdays, sheeple, peopl who constantl copy me, going to the bathroom, cotton wool, handshaking, phonies