Kickstarter analogue film photography project!

I just launched a new Kickstarter project! come support me on kickstarter at
there’s some great rewards available and any help getting the word out is greatly appreciated. You can follow me on FB, Twitter and Tumblr here and spread the word:

Here’s a quick summary of the project:

The Missions of California a New Look in Vintage Film is a photo series documenting the California Missions, in rich analogue film using expired films, false color films, and vintage cameras depicting the missions more than as beautiful historical places, but as they exist and thrive today in deeply saturated images. The end result will be a gallery photo series representing the whole of the California Missions, mounted on acrylic glass, metal, and metalic print papers intended to capture a bright vivid sense of the experience of the Missions. There are 21 Missions in total, and so far I’ve captured 5.

Credits: kangiha

Kickstarter support
In support of other kickstart projects I love the idea of, where funded projects kickback 5% of profits from the sale of kickstarter products to other Kickstarter projects. If funded I’ll look forward to participating in this program and helping other projects funded.

written by kangiha on 2013-12-21