Hi, I'm Kandi. I'm a singsongy Louisianan loving life in Memphis, TN, USA. I take pictures and make things. I live for mischief, dogs, and helping. I make a photography zine called SLEIGHT OF HAND. I found out about lomography in the early aughts and have been in love ever since.

♥︎ www.kandicook.com
♥︎ @kagniappe

My favorite lomo cameras:
Holga CFN 120
Holga 120 (that I modified to use 35mm)
Diana F+
Fisheye No.2
Holga 135 Pinhole
Diana Mini
Diana Instant Square (Adriano)
Diana 38mm Super-Wide lens & Holga pinhole HPL-N lens
Holga 125BC 35mm

21 1,095

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