Dream Date

Photos aren’t taken
But rather given to us
That’s Lomography
The first thing I would do on a Dream Date is convert the 250 Euros to US Dollars, which would give me $362—now I feel much richer!

Then I would load up on Color Slide film from the Lomography store ($40) so I can take a lot of pictures on our Dream Date with my new Russia Day Lomo LC-A+!

My Dream Date is to go to DEATH VALLEY, California. It’s almost 500 miles roundtrip, so I’ll need 2 full tanks of gasoline ($120).

For dinner (before taking pictures of the night sky), we’d stop by the Wrangler Steakhouse for some quality food ($60).

We’re also going to need a camping reservation ($20) and a lot of beverages ($20). Speaking of beverages, we’ll need some post-dinner alcoholic beverages as well, so I’d splurge on a nice bottle of J Vineyards Pinot Noir ($40). This brings the total to $300, and because I’m of Japanese-descent, I’d donate the remaining $62 to the Red Cross for Japan Relief in my date’s name.

written by kamera-man on 2011-07-26